Feliz Navidad

Hey guys! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!                                                  Dec. 29, 2014
This week has been a good one, a little tougher to find people in their houses for the holidays, but still great.
As I told you on Christmas Day we went to Salto de Laja, that is about 30 mins out of Los Angeles and then ate lunch with some members that live out there. They are this old couple that are constantly fighting or making jokes or teasing so it was hilarious. 
I love Christmas here. It is so cool to be able to experience it in such a different way but also be able to feel so happy and content serving others and seeing their lives change. We went and visited a recent convert, Audelina, who is in her late 70s and lives alone, on Christmas Eve and gave her a gift and sang her some Christmas hymns. She was so happy and told us about her conversion story and how she learned to read with the Book of Mormon. We read some scrips with her and she was so pumped to read, even if she couldn't do it too fast. I love to see that we can find joy in simple things and also that if you can feel the spirit with people you love and serve, even in such a simple moment, it is so fulfilling.
On Christmas Eve we ate dinner with a young family in our ward and before we ate we watched "He is The Gift." I have seen it a lot of times, but it was so sweet to watch it there with that family with their little Christmas tree. There was a really sweet spirit present. I love when it says, "He is the Christ. He is Christmas." The joy that everyone feels at this time of year is because of Jesus Christ and His love for us.
Also, Eduardo, our investigator who we are really excited to be baptized the first week in January took a complete turn when we went to see him on Sunday saying that he just doesn't know about the church with all the stuff about Joseph Smith and the 12 apostles and such. That morning I read a General Conference talk from the last conference, "Joseph Smith" and it talks about how in the world there is so much opposition right now against the prophets and the truth especially in these latter days and that it is our responsibility to strengthen our testimony of Joseph Smith, The Book of Mormon and the living prophets because it will be tried at some point. Remember those things and that the Book of Mormon is so strong and has the power against all the opposition.
I love you guys!
Hermana Chalmers

Zone Gift Exchange

Christmas morning

Salto de Laja

                                                                                                                                    Dec. 22, 2014
I don't have a bunch of time but it's all right because I will be talking with you guys this Thursday! Christmas really snuck up there. This week was awesome. I am so happy with my companion Hermana Hungria. She is just the best and we work together really well. This past Friday we had leadership council in Concepcion and we Skyped with this guy, Hermano Donaldson, who gave us a training that just blew my mind and changed my whole perpestive of teaching in the mission. He did a practice where he taught us the restoration super simplified using the pamphlets we have and it was just so awesome. He talked about how when we invite people to be baptized really we are inviting them to accept the redeeming power of the Atonement in their lives. So great. So that same day when we got back to our area we went to an appointment with some future investigators, Connie and Miguel, they are 20 and 21, brother and sister, and we applied what we had been taught that day in the training with teaching the restoration and it was one of the coolest things ever. They accepted the invitation to be baptized and The Spirit was just so strong. Hermano Donaldson said, " When we participate we allow The Spirit to teach us" and I just love that. I have been talking way too much in lessons. When people can come to their own conclusion and we just ask questions and guide their thoughts, miracles happen. 
Also, I have been teaching my comp some English phrases. Right now we are working on, "take it easy" and "don't mess with me." I taught her "see you later aligator" "in a while crocodile" last week and it's a hit. We are testing it out with all the North Americans.
Wahooo! I am really happy and excited for this transfer.
Feliz Navidad! I love you guys a ton!
Love always,
Hermana Chalms
I love Hermana Hungria

me and Hna H.


Loving Life in Los Angeles

                                                                                                                             Dec. 15, 2014
Hey! Today is the start of a new transfer. Hermana McFadden finished the mission and my new companion who is getting here tomorrow is Hermana Hungria from Ecuador. I am really excited! We came to the mission together but she was in the Chile MTC. Also I'm staying here in Los Angeles. 
This week has just been kind of a blurr, but that is a good thing I think. I did an exchange this past week with one of the hermanas who is in her first cambio in the mission and it was one of the coolest experiences. We saw all kinds of miracles. The first was a recent convert that has been struggling lately has been almost impossible to find. She is 17 yrs old and we have been worried about her. Well we stopped by that day and she was home with her sister and starting asking us questions about her personal progress and asked if we could help her out. She has been going through a tough time lately so it really was such a miracle that we were able to have some time with her. Also at the end of the day we had like 15 minutes left before we had to go into the house and we said to each other that we were going to invite someone to be baptized before the day ended. It was so great because like 3 minutes before we had to go home we knocked on this door that is on the same street as our house and a girl answered and we asked her if we could share a short message of Christ and she let us in! She is 19 yrs old and has a 3 year old son and looked so tired and worn out. Her family was teasing her that she let us in and was talking to us but I was grateful that we were still about to feel the spirit, teach her something simple and invite her to be baptized. She said Yes too! It really is so cool to see how mindful God is of us and of all of His children. I have been thinking a lot lately about our agency and the agency of others and how much it affects missionary work and whether people have the opportunity to accept the gospel or not. It is a beautiful thing to witness other people letting the spirit touch them and being willing to learn and to change and seeing it in their eyes when they really do understand or really do feel the spirit testifying of the truth.
Also, we had the primary program yesterday in sacrament and I witnessed quite possibly the cutest primary program instance ever. This little girl, Fernanda, was asked to share her testimony of what she had learned that year in primary (she is about 4 or 5) and she walked up nervously to the pulpit, stared at the audience wide eyed for like 30 seconds and then said really slowly, "You should never hurt animals.....and always leave them alone." Her little lip was quivering the whole time and then she just stared at the congregation breathing heavily until her mom came and got her and then she started bawling. Ahhh I love the primary program and good thing it's a hit in all parts of the world
I love you guys! Thanks for everything!
Love always,
Hermana Chalmers
hermana pendley, the mission secretary. i love her!

hermana mcfadden and i at the christmas conference in san pedro

hahah trying to get hermano jose to take a selfie, he didn't understand it at all haha

SOY churrasco. i love my life

Mi querida familia,                                                                                                      Dec. 8, 2014
This week was so good. I learned a lot of good things. Lots of little miracles also.
- We ate lunch with an Hermana that is recently reactivated and after we finished eating we shared a spiritual thought with her. It was my turn to share so I pulled out my scrips and turned to Helaman 3:35.
 "Nevertheless they did fast and pray oft, and did wax stronger and stronger in their humilityand firmer and firmer in the faith of Christ, unto the filling their souls with joy and consolation, yea, even to the purifying and the sanctifcation of their hearts, which sanctification cometh because of their yielding their hearts unto God."
I really love this scripture and I wanted to share it with her and turn it toward missionary work but as we read it, the part where it says, "they did fast and pray oft" stood out to me and I felt like I should share with her about the importance of those two things. It turns out that this hermana has been having a hard time finding a job. She barely had enough money to give us lunch and has been praying so hard for help and not knowing what else to do. She said that it had never come to her mind to try and fast as well and that the scripture was an answer to her prayers. It was really cool for her to be able to see how the Spirit can work through us to help others and also how the scriptures hold the answers to all of our questions and help us to receive constant revelation for even the simplest problems and questions.
- Also we found a family that is awesome! It is a mom, Carmen, a grandma, Teresa and the son, Eduardo. We taught them and they were super excited about it all, especially Eduardo (he ended up coming to church and even stayed after with us to watch a ward baptism!). At the end of our lesson we invited him to pray and he said he would even though we was a little nervous but it was so funny because right before he prayed he said... "yeah... Im going to turn off the lights" and shut off the lights real quick, said the prayer in the dark and then turned them back on. hahah.
- We taught some recent converts, Jose and Magdalena, (they are cousins and are both about 50 or so) and invited them to invite some neighbors or friends to a ward activity we are having next week and they ended up getting into an argument about being judgemental on what neighbors to invite and who REALLY deserved an invitation even if they would say no. Hahah it was quite the scene to observe.
- In a contact in the street the other day we talked to this really nice guy who told us, "Sorry it's just, I don't have time to be Mormon." How ironic is that one? We tried to explain to him that really the fact was that being Mormon would make all the other time he has even more worth using and really the most important thing he could be doing with his time was finding the true church and coming closer to Christ. He wasn't really having any of but I thought that was interesting what he said, such a backwards thought when you really think about it.
I love you guys a lot!
 Thanks for everything! 
Feliz Navidad!
Love always,
Hermana Megan Chalmers


Happy Thanksgiving!

Hey guys!                                                                                                              Nov. 24, 2014
This week went by real fast. We were all over the zone but it was a lot of fun- some things that happened-
I did an intercambio (trade off) with one the Hermanas in the zone in my sector in Villa Obispo and it was a really great experience. We learned a ton together. The day started off and everyone all over town was hating the missionaries. We were just laughing about it because it was absurd! Two ladies in a row yelled at us and then I went up and contacted this lady and she looked super interested and then I turned a little and she saw my name tag and left practically running. Haha but at the same time we saw a ton of miracles that day. Right before we had to go home we contacted this couple that was about to enter their house and they let us pass by. Pepe and Nieve. They were real receptive and that committed to be baptized! They have to get married first but that's all right. Also we helped this recent convert clean her house a bit. She has a lot of medical problems and was having a hard day so it was nice to help her out and she was able to open up to us a little more. 
- No missionary in our whole mission knew if Thanksgiving was this past Thursday or this coming. We were really confused but we didn't want to miss it so we made a couple calls and were practically POSITIVE that Thanksgiving was on the 20th... so we bought a "pie" and celebrated it ON THE WRONG DAY. Haha it was pretty funny when we found out. 
We have had to drop a lot of investigators this past week that just aren't progressing and it has been pretty tough. We just have to exercise faith that God has other people prepared for us in the sector. We are finding a lot of news and it has been fun and now we are just focusing on helping them get to church and progress. 
One new person we found who is really cool is named Viviana. She is a Jehovah's Witness and her boyfriend, Jesus, (right?) is Catholic. It is a hoot teaching them but they really are interested so it will be good.
I love you guys! Happy Thanksgiving!
Love always,
Hermana Chalmers

Dec. 1, 2014
Hey! Looks like you guys had a solid Thanksgiving. Over here in the South we ate some oreo ice cream and brownies in a cup and at least this time we got it on the right day so that was good. haha. 
This past week we had stake conference and a member of the seventy came and spoke, Elder Nuñez. It was really awesome. In the Sunday Session Hna McFadden and I were sitting with the daughter of a family of investigators we have, playing tic tac toe while Elder Nuñez spoke about missionary work and the importance of it all. He said he had pre asked President Bluth for the help of two missionaries and then he called an elder's name and then my name and I about peed my pants because he asked us to come up in front of everyone because he was going to ask us some questions. I had no idea what was going on. But it was actually a really cool experience. He asked me and Elder Cardoso questions about the mission schedule and obedience rules that we answered into the microphone and then he asked us to bear our testimonioes of why we came on a mission. Then he talked to each of us in front of the stake and made us promise with him that for the rest of our lives, after the mission, we would continue to pray every single day, study the scrips, serve and be an example of Jesus Christ. I said I would and it was really interesting because when I sat down I really felt the Spirit and understood, at least a little, the promise I had made with Elder Nuñez, and really with the Lord, that I will forever be changed by my mission. And not just while I am here but forever after, because that's where it really counts. 
Also, this past week I was studying on how to find people to teach and where it talks about going about doing good and I realized that the real way that we can be disciples of Christ is not just teaching but more importantly living the gospel. Show others what the gospel of Christ is through our actions and who we are. The words that we speak or teach mean really nothing if we don't have the action and true testimony behind it. I know I have a lot I still need to work on to become better and a true disciple of Christ but I want to do it! Being a great teacher or missionary or whatever, really just comes down to how willing we are to live a life like Jesus Christ. To not just teach his doctrine, but LIVE like He did.
I love you guys a ton! Thanks for everything!
Hermana Chalmers
Alma 11:40

         Happy Thanksgiving                 (on the right day)!


From Angol to Los Angeles. Oct 27-Nov. 17

 LOS ANGELES 2.0                                                                                                  11-17-14
This week went by super fast. We had interviews with President and Hermana Bluth and Hermana McFadden and I did some trainings with the missionaries during the interviews. It was a lot of fun but also pretty tiring because we had to do the same one four times so I kind of felt like a wierdo just repeating myself like someone secretly really knew that I was saying the same thing I had the day before. haha. But interviews are always great. Hermana Bluth talked to me a little about the importance of the little things we do as missionaries to be obedient and how getting into that habit and keeping it after the mission is so important so we don't start a downward slope when we go home.
Also this week, we did a family home evening with an investigator, Camila and her brother's family, who are recent converts and were recently sealed in the temple a month or two ago. It was pretty cool. We watched this mormon message called "El Domingo Llegará" and her brother shared his testimony about how the gospel has changed his life and even though he has still passed through hard times he has been able to make it through and be happy thanks to the gospel. Camila accepted a baptismal date for the 20th of December! She is 20 yrs old and has a 2 year old boy.
We also had lunch yesterday with the Stake President and his family. They are the most gringo people I have ever met in Chile. They made chocolate chip cookies and we ate tacos! What?! It was wild. They have four kids all under the age of 18 and all of them want to go on missions so I thought that was pretty cool. 
We also have this investigator, Andrea, that is so close to getting baptized but everytime her baptismal date gets close she disappears or something happens. DANG. She is great though. She wants to be an example for her daughters and be baptized but Satan is working hard on her, that is for sure. She always teases me because I have baby hands and my nails are short because I bite them... She says I have all kinds of twitches. Haha I must just be going crazy over here.
This ward, Villa Obispo, has made me so grateful for the members. I think that is one of the biggest things I will take away from my misson is the importance of the members and the miracles that happen when you work with them to help others to come unto Christ. The members here are so willing and there are so many of them as well. It definitely takes an extra effort to involve the members but it is so much better that way. You guys are on the other end of that so just know that having willing members to work with is such a blessing and really how missionary work should always be done. 
Also, mom there is an hermana in our ward that reminds me A TON of you. It is wild! Her daughter is a return missionary that actually had to come home early for health reasons. But she has short hair like you and she is super awesome. It's your chilean twin.
Also, it is SO HOT in Los Angeles. Oh man. Last year this time in Temuco it was not at this level of heat yet so I should be in for a STG style summer.
I love you guys! Have a great week!
Love always,
Hermana Chalmers

LOS ANGELES 1.0                                                                                                     11-10-14
Hey! I am in Los Angeles! It is pretty different than Angol, quite a bit bigger and the ward HUGE. My whole mission I have been in wards or branches of about 50-60 people in smaller areas and now in Villa Obispo there are like 140 members in the ward or something like that... really blew me away yesterday. Members all over the place! I'm not sure how I am going to remember all the names and stuff like that but I am excited because the members here are pumped to work with us and be a part of the missionary work and everything. It is also really interesting having the old mission president's family in our ward. Hna Martinez, Presidente Martinez's wife, taught the class in relief society so that was really cool... also because she taught about missionary work. Haha.
Also, Los Angeles is REALLY HOT. YES!
There are some really cool people here as well. We have an investigator Madaline who apparently has been taught by missionaries for a long time. She is 16 years old and super great. She has a baptism date right now for the 22nd of Nov and I know she can do it. I know it! Our ward mission leader has like no faith at all that she will actually get baptized that day which is a bummer but no importa! 
I am just really excited to be here even though I do miss Angol a little. I am focused on just giving everything I've got. This may be my last area so I want to make sure I take full advantage of every opportunity I recieve to work with the members to help families get baptized!
Also this past week I did a study on the difference between confidence and pride. Pres. Bluth mentioned it and invited us to study it out. It was pretty cool. The conclusion I came to was that the difference really comes down to where we are attributing our success. To God or to ourselves. We must be confident but confident in what God can make of us and what we can do with His help. I think there really is a fine line between being prideful and having confidence but I have found that confidence is such an important thing. To be confidant is similar to having faith. Jesus Christ was confident in His mission on earth and He wasn't afraid to tell people who He was and that is what I want to focus on as well. Being confident, but confident by trusting in the Lord. Sorry I am rambling a bit.
And sorry I don't have pictures. I haven't taken any this week
I love you guys!
Hermana Chalmers 

CAMBIOS & IRIS                                                                                                       11-3-14
This week was possibly one of the best weeks of my mission. So many things happened! First off, IRIS GOT BAPTIZED ON SATURDAY. Dang, we were not expecting that one. This week was the last week of the cambio and we had been hoping to set a date for her to be baptized later on in November because she kept refusing and refusing and anyway we went to teach her this past Tuesday and miracles happened. The Spirit was there so strong. We went with Suyay, the recent convert who was baptized in August, and halfway through the lesson Hermano Crisitian randomly showed up (the hermano that gave us the reference of Iris and her fam). It was just power team 2.0 with those two and by the end of the lesson we were talking about bringing her her baptismal dress to try on and who she wanted us to invite for Saturday. Hermana DeGroff and I were SO excited. The moment I realized that Iris really was going to take the step of faith and be baptized, when her attitude changed and she started getting excited for the baptism was one of the best feelings ever. When Hna DeGroff and I walked out of their house we just started hugging each other and jumping around all over the place. As it always happens, there were a couple of roadbumps for her to get baptized on such short notice... 1. The bishop was still in Concepción with his wife and son and 2. The counselor who we were counting on to help us out had his youngest daughter's birthday party that same day in the chapel. He met with us Wednesday night and tried to convince us to move the baptism to a week or two later. I kept on focusing on what would be best for Iris and the fact that she was ready and there was no reason at all to wait while she was so excited and peaceful with her baptism that Saturday. It turned out to be so great, everything. Iris was so excited and nervous too. We had asked her earlier if she wanted to bear her testimony after her baptism and she said no because she would be way too nervous but we asked her again right after she was baptized and she agreed to do it. When she bore her testimony something she said was just the best thing to ever hear, she said, "This was so beautiful and such an amazing experience but what is most important for me is what comes next." Hearing that she was so focused and determined on continuing faithful every day was such a blessing. Her daughter who studies in Temuco, Francisca, came up for her baptism that weekend and kept throwing in selfies left and right while we were taking pictures in the chape before the baptism. I'll send you guys some. It was so funny.
Also, CAMBIOS. I am leaving Angol. I won't lie, I am pretty sad. I love Angol a ton and I am going to miss the ward and the people and everything but I know there are things I need to do in other places, in LOS ANGELES apparently. It is about an hour and a half north of Angol. I have never been before but I am going to be comps with Hermana McFadden from Colorado. She finishes her mission this cambio. I lived with her when I was in Temuco for one cambio actually. We are going to be in the ward, Villa Obispo AND that is the ward where the old mission president, Presidente Martínez, and his family live so that will be fun haha. I leave tomorrow! Also, my hija, Hermana DeGroff, is going to train here in Angol! Wahooo!
It was so awesome to finish my time in Angol and with Hermana DeGroff with this week. My last Sunday yesterday, Iris said the closing prayer in Gospel Principles and it was so sweet and sincere. She prayed for her mom and prayed that God would forgive her of all her mistakes and all these cute little things. Every time before she prays she says something like, "Okay I'm still pretty new at this so I am going to give it my best shot. We will see how it turns out..." and then just starts praying right on the spot. Haha so great.
I love you guys! Thanks for your support and everything!
Love always,
Hermana Megan Chalmers

  Iris' Baptism!!!

 CONFERENCIA DE HERMANAS                                                                            10-27-14
Hermana DeGroff and I had a really awesome week, full of some really interesting and really cool things that happened. We found this cute little old guy, Juan, who lives right behind the church. He can't read and used to be an alcoholic and drink all the time but decided about 2 years ago that he had enough of that and so he hasn't drank any since. He was telling us all about how he wants to start changing his life and coming to church. He is missing a lot of teeth so I really love when he smiles nice and big because he just looks like such a cute little grandpa. Haha. 
We also came across one of our investigators, Oscar, with a group of almost drunk guys who we were talking to for a while. They were actually pretty nice and had some genuine questions and stuff and then one of the guys starting talking about how he had heard from someone that we worship Joseph Smith and then they all started mentioning all of their friends and neighbors who had once told them the same thing. We kept explaining to them that it wasn't true but they just weren't listening to us at all and weren't letting us say more than two words. It took a lot to not get really frustrated with them and lose my patience especially when I knew what they were saying wasn't true. But by the end we were able to explain to them who Jose Smith was and what he did and that we don't worship him but are grateful for what he did to help restore the church. 
We also taught the gospel of Jesus Christ to an investigator, Cristian, the guy who we prayed with like 4 times in one lesson last week, and it was the coolest thing. As we talked to him about Enduring to the End and having eternal life as our ultimate goal he started telling us that he believed that was true and that one day he really believed that he would be able to see God and talk with Him and he said, "I know that eternal life is real, now more than ever." And he was just smiling so big and there was such a peaceful feeling in the room. I'm really grateful I was able to have that experience to feel the spirit so strong and so simply and to see that same spirit testify to Cristian about eternal life.  So cool! The only bummer was that he told us that he has problems with insomnia (of all things!!) so he didn't know if he would be able to make it to church because lately his sleep schedules have been pretty wild and he hasn't been able to sleep at all during the night. That is the first time I have heard that reason for not being able to come to church with us. Haha.
This past Friday we also had a Conferencia de Hermanas in our chapel in Angol (our chapel is the biggest in all the mission! yeeaaahh) with all the Hermanas in the mission, Presidente and Hermana Bluth and the asistants. It was a lot of fun actually. Hermana Bluth put so much into preparing it and making sure everything was set to go. The best part was that the mission secretary, Elder Pendley, and the elderly missionary, taught us about self defense. He made sure to include the "foot breaker," the "head bonk" and of course, "the shot to the groin." He also told us that if it really got down to it we shouldn't be afraid to make them nervous with some smack talk and tell them to "run home to their mommy so she could change their diapers." Hahah. Hermana Bluth talked a lot about working in unity which helped me a lot. She used the example of bees and their beehives and how the work of one bee is so small to produce the honey we eat but that when all of the bees do their part, however small it may be, there are great results and how that is the same for us. Even if what we are doing may seem small in comparison it will make a difference. God needs every single one of us and has called us for a specific purpose. She also talked about how Jesus Christ treated women in the New Testament and the great respect He had for them. From the Samaritan woman at the well to Mary Magdalena, being the first person he appeared to after he was ressurrected. I really thought that was cool when she put it into that kind of perspective. 

I love you guys! Talk to you next week!
Love always,
Hermana Chalmers
at the conference with Hermana Bluth
cleaning up afterwards
lunch with Familia Diaz

Gabby Diaz and her bunny


The first three weeks of October

October 20, 2014
Hey! This week was really good. We found some really cool new investigators. Yesterday we went to visit this guy, Cristian, that we had contacted earlier in the week and when we got there he was waiting for us! I love when that happens. We got to know him a little bit and taught him about the Book of Mormon and how he can know for himself if our message is true by reading, pondering and praying about it. He was so interested the whole time and when we finished he asked, before we could even get to it, if he could offer the prayer. We taught him how and he said a sweet little prayer and then asked us and the member we were with if each of us would offer a prayer because he said he felt so peaceful and calm. So by the end we had said 5 prayers because after we had all prayed he asked to say another! It was the coolest thing. We left his house just feeling so calm and happy. The simplest spirit had been with us and we could all feel it. The member we were with got so excited as well. He told us, "Man, if only all people you taught were just like that boy!"
Iris and Antonio went to Santiago for the weekend and Lalo was left home alone so we went and visited him on Friday and Saturday because he was pretty worried about getting lonely and not having visitors. We taught him about the priesthood and how he would be able to recieve it after his baptism. Then he began to ask about all the hermanos from the ward that he knew and if they were baptised as well and also had the priesthood and were able to baptize other people. After every name he would ask and hear our answer of, "Yes him too!" he would widen his eyes and get this real impressed look on his face. haha it was pretty funny.
Also the other day Lalo taught some sweet life lessons. He said, "The key that opens all doors in life is the respect." Also, "Respect is humility." This guy is full of solid one liners.
This week we also taught this guy who owns a sandwich shop in the centro that is the most American food I have eaten here. Pulled pork sandwiches! crazy bus! He lived in Florida for 7 yrs and Canada for a little while after that and speaks English really well. He had all these profound questions about the Law of Moses and Jesus Christ's mission and stuff but it was really throwing teaching him in English.
We also found this guy, Walter, who is paralyzed on the whole left side of his body. He told us he used to be a professional soccer player and that everything changed when he got sick and how all of the hard things that have happened to him have made him come closer to God and realize how much he needs God's help and love. It was really sad to hear his story but it also made me think about what I had read in the Book of Mormon in Helaman 12 when it talks about how God sends us trials so we can remember Him and humble ourselves before Him. I think that is pretty interesting. God knows us so well, better than we know ourselves and He knows exactly what we need to learn to grow and to stay humble and teachable. Lots of times those things end up being difficult but in the end they are for our benefit. That is the reason we are here on this earth in the first place; to learn, to change, to prepare.
Today we had lunch at the coolest restaurant in Angol, I think. I attached a picture of Hna DeGroff and I in front of these famous dolls they make in Angol called, Indio Pico. 
Thanks for everything. Love you guys a ton!
Hermana Meg Chalmers
Helaman 3:27

October 13, 2014
HELLOOOOO TEAM! This week was wild. We were traveling every day but it was a lot of fun as well. We did a "Gran Intercambio" like a big tradeoff thingy... I'm not sure what to call it but where you switch companions for a day... with the Hermanas from our two zones in Angol and in Victoria that is a little further south. It was a lot of fun. I got to work with Hermana Lozano from Mexico and we met some of the most interesting people. One guy, Oskar, recently had the last of his family members he is close to pass away and is so so sad and angry at God. He told us that the only real solution he could think of was taking his own life and we testified to him of the power of the atonement and the truth of the plan of salvation that it is so that we can find happiness and hope in this life and afterwards.. Later we found out that we had actually been teaching him inside the cantina he owns, which we thought was his house but thankfully it was mid day, we were with a member and it was empty so no problems there. hahha. Also we met the most catholic lady ever, Zunilda, who answered almost every question with "Es que... soy catolica" Welcome to Chile. Catholic city 2.0. THEN we met this lady Marisol that told us how she was ran over by a bus when she was 19 and was coming home from Concepcion for christmas break and everyone thought she would die or be in a wheel chair forever and not be able to have kids. She said she had never prayed so hard in her life or put so much faith in God to heal her and help her. She told us she had a dream that someone came and replaced her heart, kidneys and lungs and that later on the doctors were blown away by how quickly she recovered and how little they had to do to help her. She was able to have one son and the only evidence now of her accident is she has a fake eye, but that all. It was pretty cool that we were able to meet that wide of a range of people in one day. But it helped me to know and understand that the gospel really is for EVERYONE. Christ wants every single one of his brothers and sisters to follow Him and to know Him, not just those who seem more friendly or those that are easiest to talk to. I was greatful for that because sometimes when we contact I think I, without thinking, maybe don't talk to certain people based on what I see or think I know about them but doing that just doesn't make any sense at all. There is no one exempt that doesn't need the gospel of Jesus Christ and to know His true church is restored today.
Also yesterday, Iris, Lalo and Antonio all came to church! Dang one of the best Sundays in my whole mission. A member went and picked them up in his car and brought Lalo's walker that he uses to get around now since he is still pretty weak from his operations. It was the sweetest thing ever seeing him slowly make his way to the classes. In Gospel Principles he was making little comments, because we had a lesson on sharing and developing our talents, on how he was very good at playing the guitar and other instruments and he would love to please us with a song or two when he was a little stronger and healthier. I love that guy!
Now we are in Concepcion but we are taking a bus home today.
I was thinking the other day specifically about you guys, my family, that are so willing to support me and Cam and make it so easy for us to focus in the mission and enjoy it 100%. It is a huge blessing that not everyone has. Thanks for everything! I love you guys a ton!!
Hermana Megan Chalmers
Helaman 3:35 (one of my favs)
                                              Lalo (Gerardo) - my favorite guy in all of Southern Chile
pic of the intercambio I did with Hna Lozano from Mexico

October 6, 2014
HEY. I am so sun burned right now. My skin hasn't felt the heat in so long and today our zone went to Las Canteras. It was so awesome, but I am a tomato now. But it's okay, it was worth it.
Anyway, this week just flew by with Conference and everything. I hope you guys were able to catch all the sessions. So cool. We had to watch it all in Spanish but it was especially cool when some of the members of the 70 spoke in Spanish! I loved Elder Bednar's talk. Killed it. Also Dallin H. Oaks' talk and when he talked about remembering the Golden Rule. I thought of you, mom and how you always told us that and that little kids' song that sings about it.
It was pretty wild though. This young woman in our ward ran away from home with her boyfriend last week and still hasn't been found. It's all over the news and stuff so our ward has been all over the place. Also our bishop's wife had her baby but there were complications with the birth and they had to do an emergency c section and then drive her baby right up to the Concepcion hospital. We were talking to an hermana during lunch and she was saying how she just couldn't understand how terrible things like that could happen to good people and how she thought that the trials that the members in our ward were facing were so that the members can become more unified and more like a family. I was thinking about that and how it is interesting how the Lord has to send us trials many times to teach us things and to humble us. There are so many instances in the scrips where the people are compelled to be humble or they are humbled through their faithfulness and diligence. 
This past week was a little tough at points. There were moments where it felt like the entire city of Angol hated missionaries, and Hna DeGroff and I realized it was our choice on whether those things were going to make us feel discouraged and frustrated or drive us to work harder and do better. THEN WE SEE MIRACLES. It was pretty cool. Even though things are tough sometimes with the ward and with work there are still lots of blessings and happy moments every day. 
There is a little old man, Lalo that lives with some investigators, Iris and Antonio and when we went and visited them yesterday, Lalo was sittiing up to the kitchen table with the biggest pair of tiger paw slippers I have ever seen just peeling some peas. It was one of the funniest things I have ever seen. We had bought him some chocolate since he had just come out of the hospital and he goes CRAZY for treats and when we handed it so him his eyes got all huge, he kissed the chocolate bar and looked up at me and said, "You are a queen!" Hahaha.
I am going to try and send some pics of Las Canteras today. CHILE IS BEAUTIFUL! I was so happy to be able to go see some of the natural parts of Angol today. so great.
Love you guys!

Our mission president wanted to make sure you guys know that THIS is the best address to use to send mail-
Mision Chile Concepcion Sur
Castellon 1063 Casilla 3560
Concepcion Bio Bio
(and to send it with regular mail NOT UPS or something or it will get held up in customs. that is all)


Miracles and Dieciocho

HELLOOOOO.                                                                                         Sept. 29, 2014
Monday comes pretty fast. They recently played Barbie Girl in this Cyber. Hahah. Anyway, this week Hermana DeGroff and I starting this thing where at the end of every day we decide what the miracle of the day was. We started it when one day we were talking in the street towards the end of the night, it had been a little bit of a tough day and we were talking about how even though things are tough Heavenly Father ALWAYS blesses us and is mindful of our situations and we really can witness miracles every day if we pay attention and are grateful. It's been fun. Some of the miracles from this past week (BIG and small)-
- We contacted a guy, Andres, that was working on the parking tickets out by our apartment and we gave him a Book of Mormon and explained to him a little of what it was about and how it could bless his life and told him we would pass by a little later on because he had to work at that same spot until 6pm. So we passed by a little while later since it was the day of cambios and we had to run back and forth between the bus terminal and our house and he had read to 1 Nephi 8! It was the coolest thing because as we were nearing him Hna DeGroff said, "I hope Andres is reading his Book of Mormon." and then as we got closer we could see him sitting on the curb reading. WAHOOO! We were so pumped. Miracle 1
- We taught Iris and Antonio the Plan of Salvation and they payed atention through the whole lesson. Iris didn't get up to do something at all! This was cool because Iris is easily distracted and is always trying to give us food or do something when really we just want to teach her. A member that is their friend, Cristian, helped us out a ton and we were able to have a great lesson and have the Spirit really strong. MIRACLE 2.0
-After leadership council in Concepcion on Friday we ate lunch all together and for our dessert we had CINNAMON CARROT CAKE: the most American thing I have eaten my whole mission I think. Wow I was so happy
- Sunday it didn't rain and it had been rainy rainy all week which was awesome because almost all the members walk to church so it made it a lot easier for the members and investigators to come on time without problems. 
- Also something funny that happened this week, we knocked this door and a girl Valeska, who is about 22 and her great grandma let us in. The grandma is like 86 yrs old and slightly crazy so she was cracking us up. There was a big Minnie Mouse balloon in their living room and as we were teaching them the grandma yelled, "It's going to fall!" and Valeska had to explain to her that it was a balloon inflated with helium and then she starting talking about how beatiful it was and that they needed to buy more monkey like that. It was so funny. She would randomly start telling us about her garden every couple minutes so it was a little tough to stay on topic but it was sure a show.  Valeska had a little daughter, Julietta, that reminds me a ton of Coco! She's so cute! I gave her a little Jesus Christ pass along card and then she kept wanting more every minute or so, so by the time we left she had like 10 cards.
I love you guys! You should look out for the miracles every day and it will surprise you to see really how blessed we are and how mindful of us Heavenly Father is.
Also I can't believe it is already time for General Conference again! CRAZY BUS
Hermana Meg Chalmers
Hna DeGroff and me

HELLOOOOOOOOO!                                                                                                              Sept. 29, 2014
This week has been great. Iris, Antonio and Francisca, a family we are teaching came to church on Sunday and loved it! The primary teachers didn't show up on time so Hermana Soria and I ended up singing songs and playing games for the first hour with the 3 primary kids, 2 that are investigators. Haha it was actually a lot of fun. Hermana Soria went home this morning so we said a lot of goodbyes yesterday at church and such. 
But I am just so pumped about Iris and her family. They are so, so awesome and prepared. We taught them about keeping the Sabbath day holy and Iris told us that she had heard them talking about that subject in the gospel principles class the Sunday before and had already decided before our lesson that she felt like it was about time she started making changes to what she does on Sundays and that she was fully committed to keep the Sabbath day holy. They have three rooms in their house that they rent out to people. One of them just got filled by a 78 year old man, Lalo, that just got out of the hospital and has no family. He is super sick and was a heavy drinker before he got sick. Now Iris takes care of him and she is just the most caring person ever. We stopped by their house on Thursday to drop off something and she was in the middle of trading her mattress out so Lalo could use it because he had peed his bed and they had moved him to another bunk bed they had in the house but the bed frame was crooked so he kept falling out. So she gave him her bed and we helped her move it because she can't do much heavy lifting. She didn't even think twice about it. Some man she hardly knows and she is willing to do anything for him. She is just the sweetest woman I have ever met. 
Also this past week was DIECIOCHO! Chilean Independance Day. The biggest celebrated holiday in Chile. We didn't work on Thursday, the 18th. We woke up and went on a hike into the mountains and I bought a kite and was super excited to use it but turned out that that day there was 0 wind. Like the only day the whole year where it isn't windy! Haha. We brought a blanket and our scrips and did some studying out in the hills then for lunch we went to a recent convert's house, Beatriz and Aida and ate A TON. They eat empanadas, anticucho (shish kabaob) and sopaipillas (fried bread?) and BBQ meat like its going out of style for 18. Aida and Bea were really excited to show us what 18 is all about so they gave us SO MUCH FOOD and we couldn't refuse any of it. It was really fun though.
The people here are just so giving and it is so awesome to see that. People who really do show charity towards others and do it without thinking twice even when they have so little. In Moroni 7 when it talks about charity towards the end of the chapter I like where it says charity never faileth and those that are found with it will be blessed. The people I have met here are so charitable and loving and you can see how blessed they are. They are happy and they have love for their families even if they don't have all the things of the world. 
I love you guys!
Love always,
Hna Chalms

 Antonio, in his DIECIOCHO huaso outfit eating a pjarito and looking like a G.
 Hna DeGroff and me
 cutie pies
 The DIECIOCHO spread
                       Me, in a food coma, when we got to our house with a sopaipilla on my face... I ate it.