The First Two Weeks of February 2014

Feb. 17, 2013 

                                         -ASADO. bleeeeeh. This one is for you, Mom.
                                         -Me, with some of the members that I love.
  -The Chileno SPOAs! (Spud Peelers of America). This one's for you, Dad. And down here in Sud America they use nothing but pocket knives.
                                     -In the killer hammocks that Obispo brought to Paseo de Barrio.
 -Hna Wahlin, me, Hermana Fonseca and Hermana McFadden - we all live together along with one more companionship. I love them all a ton!
              -Us after getting caught in the rain one night after working with our district leaders
                                                             -Hermana Fonseca and I

Feb. 3, 2014
This week has flown by, I am not sure even sure where to start. Hermana Fonseca and I are having a lot of fun together and just hoping that time can slooooow doooown. Time goes by so fast in the mission! Highlights of this week-
- One of our almuerzos this week cancelled on us and Hna F and I were really feeling some granola so we went to Santa Isabel and bought bowls, spoons, peaches and granola and had ourselves a cereal feast outside of the chapel. The only thing that could've been better was if it was mom's homemade granola!
- We had to leave Juan and Felipe this week. It was pretty tough actually. I didnt think it would be, but we had a pretty intense lesson with Juan and asked him what he wanted and made clear what our purpose was as missionaries in helping people come unto Christ and prepare to repent and be baptized. We asked him what he wanted after teaching him again about baptism and the importance and he couldn't answer for the longest time. Hermana Fonseca was really direct with him and I really thought he was going to choose to progress but he wouldn't let himself say yes. His brother and mom talked him out of it a little bit. I just have to think about the fact that at least Juan now knows and maybe sometime later on he will find other missionaries or something like that. I have faith that he will get baptized some day!
- Saturday morning when we played soccer with one of the menos activos, Javier, who brought his nephew Oscar who is about 4 and I played with him for a little while and I was really in heaven. We played around with a soccer ball and I taught him how to say my name. 
- We are working with a menos activa Angelina and her boyfriend of 4 years, Rodrigo. She served a mission in Salta, Argentina a couple years back and lives with her boyfriend and their two kids now. They have a lot of problems in their relationship and also with drugs. We had a lesson with them where we shared parts of Alma 5 and it was one of the coolest experiences. At the beginning of the lesson Rodrigo was really indifferent about the church, but after we talked to him about Christ and the Atonement and that more than anyone, Christ wants him to change and become better, he began to change. I think in that moment he developed a little bit of desire. He felt the spirit. Because sometimes we want to do things for other people or we have heard they are good ideas but until we really have the desire for ourselves it won't matter if we do it because we know that is what Christ wants for us and that we want to utilize his Atonemnent in our lives to change. The spirit was so strong and I could feel it working in all of us. 
I hope you guys are doing great!
I love you all a ton!
Alma 5:26
Love always,
Herms Chalms