It's Autumn in Chile

May 12, 2014
I loved talking to you guys yesterday! Best day ever! Hna Henderson and I talked all about how great it was the rest of the night and we just barely bought our groceries with Dad's healthy advice in mind.
Love you guys tons!
Love always,
Hna Meg

                                                 being spastics with our new hats
                                                                 Arauco walls
                  our wall with the plan of salvation drawings we did a while back for an activity
                                            our new favorite snack - beets with lemon!

May 5, 2014
I am going to SKYPE you guys in a week so I won't go into too much crazy detail about this week but
I received a KILLER gift for my birthday...RAIN RAIN RAIN. There was a temporal Wednesday, which is when there is just a ton of mist, rain and wind. It was wild. We had our zone conference that day and the tradition in Latin America is to get your birthday cake shoved in your face. So that is what happened to me. Ha! 
I think more than anything this week I have received a stronger testimony of obedience and how it directly correlates with blessings. Sometimes I think I am pretty stubborn and want to do things in my own way but I can now see that the Lord always knows best, even if we don't understand all the reasons at first. That is really put to the test on the mission because there are a lot of rules to follow, but the thing is that the only reason we have these commandments is for our happiness. Heavenly Father doesn't want to punish us or make us suffer. He knows exactly what will bring us the most peace and happiness. Hna Henderson and I are trying hard to be exactly obedient and it is tough, but we have seen a lot of blessings, especially this past Sunday.
 We had worked really, really hard to get our investigators to church and it turned out that last minute Patricia got called in to work in the morning because her boss was sick so she and her son Alonso couldn't come and then Brunilda got sick. We were pretty bummed and we had a bit of time before church so we stopped by this 13 yr old investigator, Maria, who we had been working with on and off to invite her last minute. Her mom said she was sleeping but that she would tell her and we said we would be back after sacrament to get her. 
We got to church alone, trying not to be discouraged and I was playing the piano so I was sitting up on the stand when halfway through sacrament I see through the side doors Maria's long black curly hair pass by the little windows and then she walked in. She told Hermana Henderson that she knew that we would have to leave church to come get her so she just decided to come to us and that she had woken up feeling like she wanted to go to church so it worked out great that we had stopped by to remind her. Wahoooo! It was so awesome. Seeing her walk in was such a sweet moment for me. I knew Heavenly Father was watching over us and Maria and that when we work our hardest He is with us every step of the way, He takes care of the rest. Although other plans fell through, everything worked out so that Maria was able to come.

I love you guys and cant wait to talk to you!!
Love always,
Hermana Megs

 pics of me getting caked in the face and with my birthday cake the Elders that we work with here in Arauco bought me and also a pic with my birthday rain. (April 30, 2014)

Happy Birthday to my Mom today!

HEY!                                                                                                                       April 28, 2014
This week Hermana Henderson and I really worked hard and it was really awesome to be able to look back and know that we did everything we could. It's true that the Lord will take care of things if we do everything we can with a good attitude. 
This past week we had a Family Home Evening with the branch and we did a huge easter egg hunt except PSYCH, the eggs had questions written on them with scriptures to find the answers. It was actually a bunch of fun. We had some members get offended because they said it wasn't fair because we hid everything too high so all of the shorter latinos couldn't find them. haha. I AM NOT TALL.
We also started some English classes this week. 
We have this investigator, Maria, who is 13 and really awesome. She is very logical and has a lot of questions. The other day she asked us how the world would've been different if Christ hadn't suffered for our sins. I really liked that question. At first it made me think about how without the atonement there would be no hope, no life after death, no chance to change or be better, no real happiness. Then I was thinking about how there are people who don't repent and take advantage of the Atonement, and for them it is pretty similar. They are still able to be resurrected, but the greatest blessing of the Atonement isn't even received. Christ already suffered for our sins and sometimes we don't take advantage of that. We forget that he already paid the price and all He wants is for us to repent so we can change. He is rooting for us all the time. I have seen the Atonement work in my life especially in the sense that it has helped me to grow and change and that despite all of my weaknesses I can still become better and start over everyday. 

I'm sorry I will write more next week! 
Helaman 5:12
                                                              pics of the feria...!

                                   AND Happy Birthday on the 25th to my Dear Old Dad!

Ayooooo!                                                                                                              April 21, 2014
- Earlier this week Hermana Henderson got stung by a bee on her side and we were talking to the Elders that we work with here in Arauco, they are from Argentina and Peru, and Elder Navarro was trying to tell us that the only solution was that either I had to suck out the venom by mouth to get it all out and if I didn't want to do that then we would have to go buy a breast pump to get it all out. Hahaha, we definitely didn't go for either and Hna Henderson is still alive.
- This drunk guy chased me when we were walking in the plaza with his duck lips fully puckered ready for a kiss. Ironic enough, with it being a long weekend here for Easter there were a bunch of drunk people all over.
- This lady we contacted told me I look like a doctor, so that explains why I was studying fonoaudiologia. Haha thanks.
- When we were walking around a guy yelled at us, "HELLO BROTHER!" I thought Cam would appreciate that.
- We had the funniest lessons on Saturday with some members. We went out with this mom and daughter that were baptized about 3 years ago. The lesson was with a new investigator we had found contacting. Hna Luisa, the member, and this investigator, Elena, really hit it off and starting talking about how, "Dios es un hombre." so we had to clear that one up. Haha. But it turned out being a really great lesson for Elena. Her and Hna Luisa had a ton of things in common and it helped her out a lot to see that normal people are members of the church and see how much it blesses their lives. Members are so important! We really can't do this work without them and their testimonies.
- We had a lesson with this couple that isn't baptized but have been coming to church for a couple years. She is legally married to someone else and they are still trying to figure out everything with the divorve (I may have told you guys this before?) Anyway, in our lesson it hit me again that I am a missionary. I was sitting there with my companion listening to a grown up couple talk about their fears and doubts for the future. They trusted us to talk about those things, but the thing is that it isn't really us at all. We are just two young girls from the United States. It is our calling, the Holy Ghost we have. We are representatives of Jesus Christ doing His work and when we try and do it without Him it doesn't work at all, Why would it? When we have faith in Him and work with His spirit present there are so many miracles. I know this isn't the work of man. We are a bunch of 18, 19, 20 year olds which is why this sounds so crazy to some people. But when we trust in the Lord's plans and let ourselves become His instruments, do what He would do if He was here, people change their lives for this, people become converted to His gospel because there is no other way to really be happy forever.
- I played the piano yesterday in sacrament again and holy cow. I was "wrong noteing" it up all over the place. Haha so bad. SeƱor Te Necesito had never sounded so beautiful. 

I love you guys!

Hermana Meg Chalmers
Happy 22nd birthday to my favorite sister, Courtney on April 13, 2014