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Hey guys,                                                                                                                April 14, 2014
Some fun things that happened this week-
-We found this new investigator when we were knocking doors in the richest part of our sector. She is the nanny at this super nice house and sneaks us in while the owners aren't home because they are agnostic. It is hilarious. But don't worry we have switched our teaching to her actual house so we don't break any chileno laws.
- We had lunch this week with Hermana Gladis in the ward that served a mission when she was younger. She is one of the coolest people ever. She was the most dedicated missonary and really let it shape her whole life. She has never stopped serving and strengthening her testimony, even after she left the mission field. She told us this story about how her husband served a mission as well but let the world catch up to him when he got home and he ended up going inactive. She is so grateful for her trials even still. She has a goal to serve a mission when she is older in Salt Lake. I love her a lot.
- We had exchanges this week with the Sister Trainer Leaders on the rainiest day of the week. I worked with Hna Soria from Argentina. She is awesome and always so excited and positive about the work so we had a lot of fun. We ended up finding a family of four! We taught them the Restoration and they were so interested and asking all kinds of questions about the priesthood. It made me so excited. Teaching families reminds me why I am here and that every family needs to know that they can be together forever. It is available to every family in the world!
- I got your package, Mom! WHOOOO. Cadbury Mini Eggs are THE BEST. That cute cup you sent me with the norwhal on it was a hit as well. Haha thanks a ton. 
- All the members like to hook us up with french fries for lunch here. They kind of just use the missionaries over for lunch as an excuse to eat whatever they want so we eat papas fritas like it is going out of style. 
Love you guys a ton!
Love always,
Hermana Megan Chalmers Jr.

 - My twin in the mission. I get told like every other day that Hermana Davidson and I look exactly the same. haha
 - Lota, the town that's about 45 mins away by bus where we have our district and zone meetings every week.

                                                                         Birthday Package!
                                          - Me and Hermana Henderson having fun with the camera
                                                           - Here is a map of our sector, Arauco!

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