Hola from Mexico!

                                                                                                                     Oct. 9, 2013
Hola Mi Familia! Happy birthday yesterday Cam!! It sounds like you guys are really living the high life right now. I love hearing all about STG life. Congrats on doing so well in the marathon mom and dad! I am so proud of you guys and I hope all three of us can run it in a while. The cabin also sounds like it was a blast, conference plus brian head. What could be better?
Speaking of conference, I hope you guys enjoyed it as much as I did. Wow it was great. It was pretty fun watching it with an auditorium full of missionaries. Whenever a speaker mentioned the Mexico CCM everyone cheered and when they announced that Elder Uchtdorf was going to speak there was an audible, "yessss." I saw Michael David in the choir a couple times too! I hope you guys heard the MoTab sing O Divine Redeemer on Sunday. It reminded me of dad singing it which made me happy. The Saturday afternoon sessions really hit home for me. Especially Elder Holland´s talk. So powerful. 
This week has just been one to remember really with General Conference. Sunday night we watched The Testaments. If you guys haven´t seen it you should definitely watch it. Sunday morning before our sunday school with the MTC presidency we sang the EFY Medley in Español with our branch. I imagined Cam and Jonny singing with me too since they did for my farewell!
This week I feel like Hermana Cefalo and I have really learned a lot about how to teach and understand the spirit as we do. We had some personal coaching earlier this week with Hermana Martinez and she told us that I need to talk less and Hermana Cefalo needs to talk more. I felt bad because I know that I talk too much. Sometimes I think I just get the need to take over and other times I get nervous and start talking a lot of bad spanish. But anyways, we get some good advice on how to improve from our teachers and conference so prepared to teach La Palabra de Sabiduria to our investigator, Mia. We also found out earlier that week that Mia (Hermana Martinez) is in real life, Hma Martinez´s best friend and the problems that she talks about are real and current and things that she tells Hermana Martinez about all the time. Mia has a lot of problems with drinking and partying and with her family so teaching her has been a real learning experience even though we know it isnt the real Mia. So we taught her on Monday and it was so awesome. They spirit was so strong and Hermana Cefalo and I were teaching equally. At one point Hermana Cefalo shared a scripture with her (1 Nephi 7:12) and Mia started to cry and we both almost did too. It was a great learning experience for us on how preparation is so important. The Lord can´t help you remember scriptures or other things that you do not know or haven´t read. I also learned that Hermana Cefalo has an amazing way of inviting the spirit that I cannot do as well. Another time this week we were practicing teaching a Latino missionary and Hermana Cefalo brought her to tears with a story she told and a scripture. She is so awesome and I learn a lot from her about how to teach more sincerely. Tonight we are teaching Mia the Law of Chastity so wish us luck!
Today for P Day we played sand volleyball and soccer with our district and one other. Our distrcit is now the oldest district in our Zone so that is weird. I feel like we just got here. Anyways, at one point when we were playing Elder Kemp and we both went to bump the ball and smashed into each other. I am sure it broke all kinds of missionary rules but it was pretty funny afterwards. During soccer I was reminded how untalented I am at the sport, but that is just too bad because I will probably be playing a lot of soccer in Chile so I just go for it every time and probably look like a spaz, especially since Hermana Fox played soccer in college so she outshines all of us even the boys. It is still a bunch of fun though.  
Jonny, Hermana Rust and I translated this for you, "Osos, remolachas, batalla estrella galatíca."
I love you guys!
Yo se que el Evangelio es la verdad. Estoy agradecido por mi Salvador y hermano, Jesucristo. Yo se que Jesucristo sufrío por nuestros pecados por medio La Expiacion. Yo se que Thomas S. Monson es una profeta de Dios. Esto agradecido por la oportunidad a compartir este Evangelio con la gente de Chile. Amo mi familia mucho. Se podemos juntos para siempre mediante el perfecto plan de Cristo. Yo creo en Cristo con todo mi corazon.
 Amo siempre,
Hermana Chalmers
pics - Hermana Cefalo and I on the earthquake circles and then Hermana Cef and I and Hermana White and Eastman (Hermanas in our casa). They are all over the CCM. No earthquakes yet though!

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