Letter from October 2, 2013

Mi familia!                                                                                                                                               Oct. 2, 2013
How has it already been another week? It sounds like you guys are doing great. You bought a four wheeler too?! I am sure that was all mom's idea. This week our district has been trying harder to focus on our Spanish and lessons because our teachers told us we need to step it up. Monday we spoke Spanish all day until dinner and it was so helpful. Our lessons with our investigators (teachers) are going well. Ïvan¨ has a girlfriend that he lives with and we knew that we had to teach the law of chastity at some point so Hmna Cefalo and I were planning on it this Monday for our lesson with him. We walked in and he started telling us about his struggles at work and my companion and I both felt really strongly that we shouldn't teach what we had planned and instead talk about the atonement which we had not planned on. It was such a cool experience. That lesson was not us, it was the spirit teaching, which is how it always should be. Even though our Spanish was all over the place we knew the spirit was present and helping us.
Also Elder Devon Anthony from Snow Canyon is in my branch now and oh my goodness. haha the first time he saw me hmna cefalo and I were walking back to our classroom and it was his first or second day and he must have forgot he was a missionary because he tried to hug me and just said, ¨hey whoa we can't hug!¨ It was pretty funny. He likes to tell my district that we dated in high school, which we didn't and probably isn't the best joke for missionaries. I never really know how to respond.
We also did our first TRC this week where we teach volunteers that are either members, less actives, investigators or teachers. We had members and the second one was a 13 year old boy named Aaron. We just chatted with him about our favorite scriptures and what he liked to do. Even though he was already a member it got me excited to teach real people!
One of the highlights of my days is when there is horchata at lunch. Hermana Rust, Hermana Fox and I go crazy for it!
This past Sunday was fast Sunday and we fasted from lunch saturday to lunch sunday. Sundays are really great. my favorite part was a nightly devotional we had  by the MTC director. Something he said that hit me was that how we act here in the CCM is a reflection/pattern of how we will act in the field. That made me want to work a lot harder. Sometimes it can be hard to focus here because the investigators arent real and days can get repetitive with all the studying. Especially since our disricit is so close now and we always just want to talk. But I know that we need every minute here to prepare. 
Also, Mom that peanut butter that came in that last package is the best. I bring it to the movie nights on Sunday and we eat apples and chokis with it. Our room has really been missing music since we are not allowed to listen in our casa since there are so many people to a casa so we just sing when we get ready in the morning and for bed. I would probably hate me, but we are desparate for some music so I am sinking to that level. Singing in the shower is one of my favorite hobbies now too.
Oh so for our language lesson our teacher, Hermano Rangel, goes around and has us make up questions with what we are learning. He called on Hermana Fox and for one of her example sentences she accidently said, esta durmiendo en mi cama.  Haha you are sleeping in my best. Hermano Rangel got a crack up out of that one.
I am excited for conference! Our branch is singing the EFY medleyin Spanish before we watch one of the sessions and I am really excited. Reminds me of my farewell talk!
So today we went to the temple for PDay and didn't use head sets. Only Spanish. It was awesome. I feel like I have so much more to say but I cant remember! Everyday blurs together. Oh! Dad, do you work with a Bonnie Allred. My companion said her family emailed and they know her and she said you guys work at the hospital. Hma Cefalos grandparents live in Santa Clara. Mitchell Dr. I think. Small world!
I love you all! Have fun watching conference at the cabin!
Love always,
Hermana Chalmers

                                          Adventure Time!

                                         Happy Birthday, Cameron!

                                                    Some of my district

                                          Some great hermanas at the temple

                                                       The view outside the CCM from the bus on the way to the temple

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