Cautin. Week 4.

It has been a great week here in Cautin. The people here are so great and humble and I love it. They teach me a lot. Also, I am a changed woman because guess who ate an entire banana, first try no warm ups? Yo! I eat bananas and tomates like its no thing. Being a missionary makes everything taste good because we are always hungry. haha, I get teased in the casa sometimes because I will combine anything and eat it. I sent a pic of my PB, apples and cereal on bread combo. Also, for a dessert for Almuerzo at a members house we had apples, bananas and raw eggs blended up and served with yogurt on top. I don't really know if that is dangerous...Haha we ate it all, though.
This week we had us help the Primary with their songs because the program is this Sunday. We have no idea why they have us do it because all the leaders come and just watch us teach the kids. They look at me like I am crazy sometimes and its' like, I dont even speak your language okay?! Mom, we are both music leaders now!
The weather here is finally warming up so I have a nice tan line on my feet neck and arms. It still gets cold at night but the days are nice with a great breeze. Especially with all the walking we do it is great.
We have a new investigator that we are really excited about. Her name is Ana and she is a student here at the university and is so curious to learn about the gospel because she has no experience with any religion really. We prayed with her for the first time she had ever said a prayer and it was a really cool experience. I had never thought about what it would be like to pray for the first time after never really understanding it before. She teased me for cracking my wrist the other day in our lesson and I am sure you guys know how bad I am at doing that all the time. They probably think I am crazy because I do it without ever noticing. 
Today for P Day we did an activity with the zone and watched Monsters University. What whaaaaat?! It was great. We also did yoga all together which was kind of weird but still fun. 
The Spanish is coming along. The members in my ward tell me that my accent is good and I speak like a Chilno so that must be good news. It really is true that their Spanish is so different. They have a ton of slang words like fome-lame and yapo or sepo for yes. H
I have learned a lot this week about being patient with myself and learning to express myself in other ways rather than with my words because that is hard for me when my vocab is still relatively small. It is great to know that if we work our hardest and give everything we have then the Lord will help with the rest. I am trying to do my best even if it isn't amazing because I know if I do that the Spirit will guide me with what to say and how to say it so people can understand. 
DyC 6:33-37 has been a scrip that Hna Hawkins and I have been sharing a lot lately and I love it. 
Everyday I learn more about missionary work and how much more I need to learn. But it is a process and I am excited to keep learning and getting better. It is crazy the things I am finding out about myself and about the gospel that I had never really considered before.
I love and miss you all and have you in my prayers!
Love always,
Hermana Chalmers
sorry the computer is being lame so I can't get the pictures to upload. Next week!

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