Hola Family! My first full week in Chile was a success. Definitely a learning experience. I am super jealous of you guys for going to Hawaii without me. Swim in the ocean for me! Also, what part of Temuco was Scott in?
Well this week I have learned a lot. It is hard to understand missionary work until you are actually doing it but I am getting an idea now. First off, for meals here Almuerzo is HUGE. Like mountains of spaghetti with ketchup. They loooove ketchup. and mayo.And they love tomatoes and bananas. Haha just my luck right? Its okay I am learning to like them and I am finishing my food, which is a change. If I don't learn anything out here at least I will know how to eat all my lunch! For some service this week we helped an abuela in the ward weed her backyard. Grandpa C. would've been proud. It was a bunch of weeds and it was like 4 older ladies and Hna Hawkins and I. And we did it all in skirts. Yeah sister missionaries!
It was a holiday weekend too with Halloween and Dia de Los Muertos so that made it a little different. On Dia de Los Muertos we went to the cemetary and talked to people about the Plan de Salvation with our zone and then sang a couple hymns. It was pretty cool and the cemetary was so amazing. All of the graves were huge or little houses. I sent a picture so you can see.
Hermana Hawkins and I have been working on getting new investigators this week and working a lot more with the members, but we do have two progressing investigators with fechas. Valentina is a 13 year old girl who is so excited and interested in the church. She is suposed to be baptized this Thursday! Felipe is an older guy who has kidney problems and goes to dialysis for hours every other day and is always really down in the dumps. Earlier this week when we went to teach him, he and his wife pretty much just yelled at Hna Hawkins and I and I had no idea what was going on until afterwards. He was just feeling really pressured and his wife was frustrated with us, but we think mostly she was just overwhelmed and was taking it out on us. But it took me a while to understand that she was mad since she was talking at the speed of light. That has been pretty funny for me. When I don't know what is going on I just smile and nod when I think I should. Most of the time it works out but other times it is weird, but whatever. I can understand more and more everyday. It is mostly hard to understand the natives that talk super fast. MIssionaries are pretty easy for me to understand. 
Another cool experience I had this week was when we taught a new investigator the Restauracion. I have yet to say to first vision scripture memorized without forgetting part of it but when it came my turn to talk I felt like I should do it even though I was nervous. I did and I didn't mess up! and she didn't look at me like I was crazy for speaking bad spanish. I know it isn't that crazy but it was a blessing to me. I know that the Lord is watching over me and helping me all the time. It really is true that if you have faith and trust in the Lord he will help you right in the moment you need it. 
Hna Hawkins and I have been doing crossfit in the mornings and it's great but also hilarious because we have been really sore so when we go work in the calle we walk around like old men. Also, the dogs are everywhere! They are all pretty gross and some of them I am sure are possesed or something.
One more thing, this Sunday we were fasting for a family of at least 4 to teach because it is pretty uncommon here to teach whole families where the spouses are married. Later that day after Almuerzo we contacted a man in the park and when we asked him about his family he said there were four of them and they all lived together! Miracles happen guys! We are really excited to see what comes of teaching him because we have a cita this week. 
Sorry this email is so scattered. Emailing is stressful. Thanks so much for everything and I love you guys a ton. I can feel your prayers! DyC 84:88 has helped me a lot too. Angels are bearing me up!
Love always,
Hermana Chalmers
                                                    Hermana Hawkins and me.
                                             At the cemetary with my district on Dia de los Muertos.

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