Miracles and Dieciocho

HELLOOOOO.                                                                                         Sept. 29, 2014
Monday comes pretty fast. They recently played Barbie Girl in this Cyber. Hahah. Anyway, this week Hermana DeGroff and I starting this thing where at the end of every day we decide what the miracle of the day was. We started it when one day we were talking in the street towards the end of the night, it had been a little bit of a tough day and we were talking about how even though things are tough Heavenly Father ALWAYS blesses us and is mindful of our situations and we really can witness miracles every day if we pay attention and are grateful. It's been fun. Some of the miracles from this past week (BIG and small)-
- We contacted a guy, Andres, that was working on the parking tickets out by our apartment and we gave him a Book of Mormon and explained to him a little of what it was about and how it could bless his life and told him we would pass by a little later on because he had to work at that same spot until 6pm. So we passed by a little while later since it was the day of cambios and we had to run back and forth between the bus terminal and our house and he had read to 1 Nephi 8! It was the coolest thing because as we were nearing him Hna DeGroff said, "I hope Andres is reading his Book of Mormon." and then as we got closer we could see him sitting on the curb reading. WAHOOO! We were so pumped. Miracle 1
- We taught Iris and Antonio the Plan of Salvation and they payed atention through the whole lesson. Iris didn't get up to do something at all! This was cool because Iris is easily distracted and is always trying to give us food or do something when really we just want to teach her. A member that is their friend, Cristian, helped us out a ton and we were able to have a great lesson and have the Spirit really strong. MIRACLE 2.0
-After leadership council in Concepcion on Friday we ate lunch all together and for our dessert we had CINNAMON CARROT CAKE: the most American thing I have eaten my whole mission I think. Wow I was so happy
- Sunday it didn't rain and it had been rainy rainy all week which was awesome because almost all the members walk to church so it made it a lot easier for the members and investigators to come on time without problems. 
- Also something funny that happened this week, we knocked this door and a girl Valeska, who is about 22 and her great grandma let us in. The grandma is like 86 yrs old and slightly crazy so she was cracking us up. There was a big Minnie Mouse balloon in their living room and as we were teaching them the grandma yelled, "It's going to fall!" and Valeska had to explain to her that it was a balloon inflated with helium and then she starting talking about how beatiful it was and that they needed to buy more monkey like that. It was so funny. She would randomly start telling us about her garden every couple minutes so it was a little tough to stay on topic but it was sure a show.  Valeska had a little daughter, Julietta, that reminds me a ton of Coco! She's so cute! I gave her a little Jesus Christ pass along card and then she kept wanting more every minute or so, so by the time we left she had like 10 cards.
I love you guys! You should look out for the miracles every day and it will surprise you to see really how blessed we are and how mindful of us Heavenly Father is.
Also I can't believe it is already time for General Conference again! CRAZY BUS
Hermana Meg Chalmers
Hna DeGroff and me

HELLOOOOOOOOO!                                                                                                              Sept. 29, 2014
This week has been great. Iris, Antonio and Francisca, a family we are teaching came to church on Sunday and loved it! The primary teachers didn't show up on time so Hermana Soria and I ended up singing songs and playing games for the first hour with the 3 primary kids, 2 that are investigators. Haha it was actually a lot of fun. Hermana Soria went home this morning so we said a lot of goodbyes yesterday at church and such. 
But I am just so pumped about Iris and her family. They are so, so awesome and prepared. We taught them about keeping the Sabbath day holy and Iris told us that she had heard them talking about that subject in the gospel principles class the Sunday before and had already decided before our lesson that she felt like it was about time she started making changes to what she does on Sundays and that she was fully committed to keep the Sabbath day holy. They have three rooms in their house that they rent out to people. One of them just got filled by a 78 year old man, Lalo, that just got out of the hospital and has no family. He is super sick and was a heavy drinker before he got sick. Now Iris takes care of him and she is just the most caring person ever. We stopped by their house on Thursday to drop off something and she was in the middle of trading her mattress out so Lalo could use it because he had peed his bed and they had moved him to another bunk bed they had in the house but the bed frame was crooked so he kept falling out. So she gave him her bed and we helped her move it because she can't do much heavy lifting. She didn't even think twice about it. Some man she hardly knows and she is willing to do anything for him. She is just the sweetest woman I have ever met. 
Also this past week was DIECIOCHO! Chilean Independance Day. The biggest celebrated holiday in Chile. We didn't work on Thursday, the 18th. We woke up and went on a hike into the mountains and I bought a kite and was super excited to use it but turned out that that day there was 0 wind. Like the only day the whole year where it isn't windy! Haha. We brought a blanket and our scrips and did some studying out in the hills then for lunch we went to a recent convert's house, Beatriz and Aida and ate A TON. They eat empanadas, anticucho (shish kabaob) and sopaipillas (fried bread?) and BBQ meat like its going out of style for 18. Aida and Bea were really excited to show us what 18 is all about so they gave us SO MUCH FOOD and we couldn't refuse any of it. It was really fun though.
The people here are just so giving and it is so awesome to see that. People who really do show charity towards others and do it without thinking twice even when they have so little. In Moroni 7 when it talks about charity towards the end of the chapter I like where it says charity never faileth and those that are found with it will be blessed. The people I have met here are so charitable and loving and you can see how blessed they are. They are happy and they have love for their families even if they don't have all the things of the world. 
I love you guys!
Love always,
Hna Chalms

 Antonio, in his DIECIOCHO huaso outfit eating a pjarito and looking like a G.
 Hna DeGroff and me
 cutie pies
 The DIECIOCHO spread
                       Me, in a food coma, when we got to our house with a sopaipilla on my face... I ate it.

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