A Fun and Busy Week!

Hey guys!                                                                                                Sept. 1, 2014
This week was all over the place. It flew by so quickly and now the weeks are just starting to blend together. Some cool things that have happened:
- Hermana Soria and I did some trade offs in Victoria about 2 hours South of Angol and when I was sitting on the floor studying, a mouse ran into my skirt. That was nice.
- Hermana Degroff and I contacted a Chilean mime. White face paint and all!
- This week we are moving into our new apartment! Finally!! 
- Our house was robbed Thursday night and thankfully they didn't take anything of mine, but they took something from all the other Hermanas in the house. Money. Camera. Jewelry.
- We have been working hard with Suyay and her family and it has been full of its ups and downs. It has been hard for them not to get discouraged with the situation they are in. Their dad told them he doesn't want to see anymore Mormons in his house anymore when he is around, which is on the weekends. That really has been tough for Suyays mom, Elvira. But yesterday we had a family home evening with them with some members and other recent converts and it was really great. We talked about the story of Lot's Wife and not looking back but having faith that the future will be better than the past. Mom, it reminded me of one time when you showed a video in young womens' about that once in a lesson. Well, we showed that video. too. I really love that story and the talk that goes along with it by Elder Holland. It talks about how as we have confidence in the future and what we can accomplish, we strengthen our faith and that having a clear vision of just exactly what it is that we want to achieve in our future makes it so much easier to press forward. We invited everyone to make goals for where and who they wanted to be in 5 years and we also did it with them. It is so awesome how the gospel can really transform us and help us to be so much better than we could otherwise. It gives us so much more direction and purpose and for that I am grateful. I am grateful to have confidence in the future and to be content with the present and not let the past hold me back or impede me from progressing. Also I am grateful for you guys, for my family! It is eternal and something that I have come to appreciate so much more. In my mission I have seen people who don't have that blessing and how much more difficult their life is. Also, I have been able to witness people who come to understand that there really is a possibility to live as an eternal family and it is so awesome how that knowledge and understanding can change someone so much. 
- Today we went to Las Canteras, this nature place close to Angol with the 6 Hermanas in our zone. The whole zone was going to go but then it rained so everyone else wimped out, but not us!! We went and had a taxi take us there and the guy driving, Humberto, was super cool and we all became friends and he showed us around Las Canteras and even hopped out of the car to take some pics with us. It was so great, haha. 
I love you guys!
Hna Chalms
Las Canteras

Humberto, our taxi driver and me

me and Hna De Groff

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