Happy Thanksgiving!

Hey guys!                                                                                                              Nov. 24, 2014
This week went by real fast. We were all over the zone but it was a lot of fun- some things that happened-
I did an intercambio (trade off) with one the Hermanas in the zone in my sector in Villa Obispo and it was a really great experience. We learned a ton together. The day started off and everyone all over town was hating the missionaries. We were just laughing about it because it was absurd! Two ladies in a row yelled at us and then I went up and contacted this lady and she looked super interested and then I turned a little and she saw my name tag and left practically running. Haha but at the same time we saw a ton of miracles that day. Right before we had to go home we contacted this couple that was about to enter their house and they let us pass by. Pepe and Nieve. They were real receptive and that committed to be baptized! They have to get married first but that's all right. Also we helped this recent convert clean her house a bit. She has a lot of medical problems and was having a hard day so it was nice to help her out and she was able to open up to us a little more. 
- No missionary in our whole mission knew if Thanksgiving was this past Thursday or this coming. We were really confused but we didn't want to miss it so we made a couple calls and were practically POSITIVE that Thanksgiving was on the 20th... so we bought a "pie" and celebrated it ON THE WRONG DAY. Haha it was pretty funny when we found out. 
We have had to drop a lot of investigators this past week that just aren't progressing and it has been pretty tough. We just have to exercise faith that God has other people prepared for us in the sector. We are finding a lot of news and it has been fun and now we are just focusing on helping them get to church and progress. 
One new person we found who is really cool is named Viviana. She is a Jehovah's Witness and her boyfriend, Jesus, (right?) is Catholic. It is a hoot teaching them but they really are interested so it will be good.
I love you guys! Happy Thanksgiving!
Love always,
Hermana Chalmers

Dec. 1, 2014
Hey! Looks like you guys had a solid Thanksgiving. Over here in the South we ate some oreo ice cream and brownies in a cup and at least this time we got it on the right day so that was good. haha. 
This past week we had stake conference and a member of the seventy came and spoke, Elder Nuñez. It was really awesome. In the Sunday Session Hna McFadden and I were sitting with the daughter of a family of investigators we have, playing tic tac toe while Elder Nuñez spoke about missionary work and the importance of it all. He said he had pre asked President Bluth for the help of two missionaries and then he called an elder's name and then my name and I about peed my pants because he asked us to come up in front of everyone because he was going to ask us some questions. I had no idea what was going on. But it was actually a really cool experience. He asked me and Elder Cardoso questions about the mission schedule and obedience rules that we answered into the microphone and then he asked us to bear our testimonioes of why we came on a mission. Then he talked to each of us in front of the stake and made us promise with him that for the rest of our lives, after the mission, we would continue to pray every single day, study the scrips, serve and be an example of Jesus Christ. I said I would and it was really interesting because when I sat down I really felt the Spirit and understood, at least a little, the promise I had made with Elder Nuñez, and really with the Lord, that I will forever be changed by my mission. And not just while I am here but forever after, because that's where it really counts. 
Also, this past week I was studying on how to find people to teach and where it talks about going about doing good and I realized that the real way that we can be disciples of Christ is not just teaching but more importantly living the gospel. Show others what the gospel of Christ is through our actions and who we are. The words that we speak or teach mean really nothing if we don't have the action and true testimony behind it. I know I have a lot I still need to work on to become better and a true disciple of Christ but I want to do it! Being a great teacher or missionary or whatever, really just comes down to how willing we are to live a life like Jesus Christ. To not just teach his doctrine, but LIVE like He did.
I love you guys a ton! Thanks for everything!
Hermana Chalmers
Alma 11:40

         Happy Thanksgiving                 (on the right day)!

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