Feliz Navidad

Hey guys! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!                                                  Dec. 29, 2014
This week has been a good one, a little tougher to find people in their houses for the holidays, but still great.
As I told you on Christmas Day we went to Salto de Laja, that is about 30 mins out of Los Angeles and then ate lunch with some members that live out there. They are this old couple that are constantly fighting or making jokes or teasing so it was hilarious. 
I love Christmas here. It is so cool to be able to experience it in such a different way but also be able to feel so happy and content serving others and seeing their lives change. We went and visited a recent convert, Audelina, who is in her late 70s and lives alone, on Christmas Eve and gave her a gift and sang her some Christmas hymns. She was so happy and told us about her conversion story and how she learned to read with the Book of Mormon. We read some scrips with her and she was so pumped to read, even if she couldn't do it too fast. I love to see that we can find joy in simple things and also that if you can feel the spirit with people you love and serve, even in such a simple moment, it is so fulfilling.
On Christmas Eve we ate dinner with a young family in our ward and before we ate we watched "He is The Gift." I have seen it a lot of times, but it was so sweet to watch it there with that family with their little Christmas tree. There was a really sweet spirit present. I love when it says, "He is the Christ. He is Christmas." The joy that everyone feels at this time of year is because of Jesus Christ and His love for us.
Also, Eduardo, our investigator who we are really excited to be baptized the first week in January took a complete turn when we went to see him on Sunday saying that he just doesn't know about the church with all the stuff about Joseph Smith and the 12 apostles and such. That morning I read a General Conference talk from the last conference, "Joseph Smith" and it talks about how in the world there is so much opposition right now against the prophets and the truth especially in these latter days and that it is our responsibility to strengthen our testimony of Joseph Smith, The Book of Mormon and the living prophets because it will be tried at some point. Remember those things and that the Book of Mormon is so strong and has the power against all the opposition.
I love you guys!
Hermana Chalmers

Zone Gift Exchange

Christmas morning

Salto de Laja

                                                                                                                                    Dec. 22, 2014
I don't have a bunch of time but it's all right because I will be talking with you guys this Thursday! Christmas really snuck up there. This week was awesome. I am so happy with my companion Hermana Hungria. She is just the best and we work together really well. This past Friday we had leadership council in Concepcion and we Skyped with this guy, Hermano Donaldson, who gave us a training that just blew my mind and changed my whole perpestive of teaching in the mission. He did a practice where he taught us the restoration super simplified using the pamphlets we have and it was just so awesome. He talked about how when we invite people to be baptized really we are inviting them to accept the redeeming power of the Atonement in their lives. So great. So that same day when we got back to our area we went to an appointment with some future investigators, Connie and Miguel, they are 20 and 21, brother and sister, and we applied what we had been taught that day in the training with teaching the restoration and it was one of the coolest things ever. They accepted the invitation to be baptized and The Spirit was just so strong. Hermano Donaldson said, " When we participate we allow The Spirit to teach us" and I just love that. I have been talking way too much in lessons. When people can come to their own conclusion and we just ask questions and guide their thoughts, miracles happen. 
Also, I have been teaching my comp some English phrases. Right now we are working on, "take it easy" and "don't mess with me." I taught her "see you later aligator" "in a while crocodile" last week and it's a hit. We are testing it out with all the North Americans.
Wahooo! I am really happy and excited for this transfer.
Feliz Navidad! I love you guys a ton!
Love always,
Hermana Chalms
I love Hermana Hungria

me and Hna H.

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