HOLA 2015!

Hey!                                                                                                                                     January 5, 2015
2014 was definitely the quickest year of my life. This week was really good. We ate dinner on New Years Eve with The Quezada Family. They are the funniest people ever. They have two little daughters and both served missions and love anything that has to do with missionaries. We ate SO MUCH. In Chile, the holidays=meat in all shapes and forms. We stayed up until midnight with the four of us girls in the house to celebrate the new year so it was good stuff.
New Year's Day we planned an activity with the two zones in Los Angeles at a cabin that a member has. We played games in this huge field, 7 on 7, frisbee, soccer and a ate chorripan (mini sausage hot dogs, a Chilean favorite) and pebre. It was super fun. We all got super sunburned, too.
Friday was one of the hottest, hardest and best days ever for Hna Hungria and I. Everyone was out of town for the holiday weekend and we were fasting and it was about 1000 degrees outside. It was just a show. The first house we got into the guy kept trying to make us soda so we had to explain to him what a fast was and he just said our church was trying to hurt us, hahah, then when we left he tried to kiss us on the cheek and we had to refuse that too so that was just the cherry on the cake. Later, we contacted this lady outside her house and I think she was having a bad day because she just blew up on us and told us that we don't respect Chilean lives, people flee from us, we try too hard, and while she was going off and we were trying not to laugh her taxi passed by and she missed it. She stared at the taxi driving away and then turned around, stared at us and said "I missed my taxi and it's your fault! Look what you do!" hahah oh man! She told us get far away from her house but we were just hysterical afterwards. The best part was even though it was a hard day, it was a really great day ,too. There genuinely is a lot of power in smiling through hard things, laughing it off and just keep working hard. When we pass through hard days or trials or whatever it is, God is mindful of it and blesses us and we really did see the blessing because the next day, Eduardo came to church! and he is going to get baptized on the 10th! AND President Martinez (our old mission pres. who is in our ward) is going to baptized him! Earlier in the week he came with us to teach him and it was the coolest thing ever to watch him teach and listen to Eduardo and answer all his questions. 
We had lunch with a family yesterday and the dad LOVES the American Flag. He is just obsessed with it for some reason. So I gave him one of the mini ones mom sent me and when I handed it to him he shed a few little tears. Haha. It was the sweetest thing ever. Also yesterday, we visited a less active member, Gladis, and we were trying to get to know her a little and see how we could help her out and as I stood up to put in my USB to watch a mormon message I stepped right on her little poodle's foot and the dog screamed and starting barking at me. I felt so bad! and Gladis was trying to keep it cool but I could tell she was a little bugged. My compaion was just cracking up and you guys know I'm not a huge fan of dogs but I was trying real hard to be nice to that dog to make up for it but to no end...he is so scared of me now. 
1 Nephi 9:5-6

Love you guys!

at The Quezada's for New Year's Eve dinner

Happy New Year!


New Year's activity...

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