Christmas in Chile

Hey fam,
So turns out we get to write today even though our P-Day is still Wednesday for the new year. So I am back on the Monday schedule now.
Christmas here was so great especially since I got to talk to you guys! But really, we saw so many blessings. Christmas here is pretty different and since it is so hot out I didn't feel like I was missing X-mas in the states. I think I can honestly say it was one of the best Christmases I have had. The people here are so humble and giving especially at this time of year. The family that we had dinner with on Christmas Eve also has a son in the mission field. He has been out for about a year and the family has been having a lot of problems.There was a point a little while back where they had to get a restraining order against the dad and all this crazy stuff but we have been able to see the power of the Atonement working in that family. The dad has come full circle and we could really see it on Christmas Eve. Since he hadn't been able to be in the house for a while, this Christmas was his first time skyping his son and he was so so excited and emotional about it. I think it helped him a lot to talk to us about missions and such. In Chile they open their gifts on Christmas Eve at midnight but they did it earlier so we could do it with them and it was such a great night. I felt so much love. 
The missionaries in our ward gave talks in Church yesterday. I talked about the role of love in missionary work mostly. I had been doubting myself earlier that week and had been a little nervous preparing for my talk since all the other missionaries in our ward have been in the mission for a while and speak great Spanish but as I prepared I learned that if I have the Spirit with me, the Lord can help me speak and say the things our ward needed to hear. The Spirit is so powerful and I think more than anything I am learning that without Christ and the power of the Spirit I am weak and cannot do a whole lot, but with it, anything is possible. Miracles will happen. Sometimes it is hard when I think about all the weaknesses I have and how much I still need to improve but I know that we have weaknesses so we can grow and become better and learn through the power of the Atonement. The Spirit was with me when I gave my talk and I could feel it testifying through me.
In other news, we talked to Marianela's husband, Alfredo, and he wants to marry her! We are still working everything out because he has to get divorced, but it is so exciting. Marianela is so prepared to be baptized and wants to so badly. 
Also, we had lunch with the bishop's fam this week and they had TACOS. We were in heaven. No one eats tacos here and then to top it all off Hna Daisy made pumpkin pie for dessert. We were going crazy. Wahoo!
I hope you guys are all doing really well. I love you! Go to the temple for me!
Love always,
Hermana Meg Chalmers

 Javieras baptism. It looks like we are in a jail cell but the Elders just really wanted to take the pics outside.
                                       Me and Hermana Hawkins on Christmas, i think.
                                    Christmas Eve with my presents from Familia Chac√≥n
The Hermanas in our casa on Christmas after we watched The Life of Timothy Green and ate no bake cookies.

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