The 2nd Two Weeks of 2014

January 27, 2014
 - Hna Fonseca wanted to decorate my planner so I gave her some family pics and that cute little picture I got from Zac to use and she, gosh, really went for it. So now everyone that sees the back of my planner is going to think I am a crazy bus. Haha. I thought it was something Courts wouldve done.
 - More of the creepiest planner in the entire world
 - Some of the awesome flowers that we see all the time. Mom, I thought you would appreciate these. So crazy huh?
- Hermana Fonseca and I 

CCCCAUTIN- January 20, 2014

Hey you guys! How has it already been another week? 
Well, I am with my new companion, Hermana Fonseca. She is so great! She has been in the mission for almost a year and was at BYU before this. We get along really well and are working hard this cambio to work more with the members and leaders. Our goal is to get all the members doing their home and visiting teaching because they don't really understand it that well but we are working with the obispo on that. We have been having a lot of fun working together! I learn a lot from her everyday. I may have got us lost once or twice but nothing too serious. Haha. One of these days I am hoping my direction skills will improve. Our sector is just so ginormous. 
This week we played soccer on Saturday morning and are going to start making it a regular thing with the other Elders in the area and a bunch of members and menos activos are coming and we are working on getting investigators there too. It is a blast! I am sure Cam is laughing picturing me playing soccer with a bunch of latinos but it isn't as bad as you think. We get all kinds of people coming and it works out really well because it isn't as threatening as inviting someone to a lesson or to church, especially with jovens.
Also this week we taught two brothers, Juan and Felipe (classic), who are both super interested in religion in general. They look at things very literally and intellectually and have about 1 billion questions. It was pretty tough getting them to listen without interrupting every 5 seconds but it was a really cool lesson. Felipe was so amazed that we actually have the Book of Mormon and after we explained to him where it came from and how we have it he was just so thrown off that we told him we believed in it and were here dedicating our lives to sharing it. He said, "If this book really did come from an angel and was from gold plates I would dedicate my life to studying it and it would be exploding all over the world." Oh man we were dying. We just wanted to stand up yell, "It is true! It is exploding all over the world! Why do you think we are here?!" It really was so cool. He has so much potential in this gospel if we can just help him to not look at everything so logically so he can let himself feel the Spirit and let it work in him to change him. More than anything he is just confused because he has been researching religion forever. He even has a brother that is Buddhist. I am sure that throws him for a loop. To end the lesson I told him that the Book of Mormon has changed my life and shared my testimony about it and Joseph Smith and he asked me a couple times after if it really did change my life. It was so cool to see someone that is so close to the truth. He understands so well the importance and miracle it is that we have this gospel restored on the earth today he just won't let himself believe it yet. 
Also this week, I taught my first lesson to a drunk lady. It was actually pretty sad because we were trying to teach her husband and she kept interrupting and crying and telling her husband to shut up and all this crazy stuff. We brought a member too that is waiting to receive her mission call. Haha. Hopefully she doesn't think that is how missionary work normally is. Actually I am not sure there is a norm for missionary work. Crazy things happen every day and I love it. 
I hope you guys are all doing great!
Go to the temple!
Love you lots!
Hermana Meg Chalmers (the Chilenos put so much emphasis on the ChALmers. It makes our last name sound so creepy. haha)
Mosiah 2:41

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