Two Letters From The First Two Weeks of 2014

Fam! It has been a wild week. It flew by, but at the same time it felt like a million years long. First off, CAMBIOS. I am staying in Cautin. Yeah! But Hermana Hawkins is going up North to be a Hermana Capacitadora. I think it is called a trainer leader or something like that. I still havent met my new comp, Hermana Fonseca, but she has been in the mission for almost a year I think and was born in the states but is Colombiana. I am excited! It is crazy that my training is over because I still feel so new, but I know it is time for change. I know there are still lots of things that the Lord needs me to learn. Change is always hard, but I think the reason things are constantly changing in the mission and in life really, is so we can continue to grow and get better. 
Also I got your package! Thank you thank you! I loved it all! Especially the calender. Haha what the photos?! Nothing like looking at an upclose picture of me holding a batman shaped quesadilla all January. The stress ball was especially helpful also when we were waiting for the call this morning about our cambios. Ha! Also I was cracking up at Jonny's letter that he wrote me. Hopefully he remembers what he wrote. 
I cant even remember what happened this week, it was so crazy. But we did do an attack of our sector, Cautin with our district where we have all the missionaries from our district and members that are willing to help and we go out and contact and try and find news. We ended up being able to get two girls to help us that are both waiting to leave on their missions so Hermana Hawkins and I did splits with them. The girl I went with, Claudia, is 21 and is still waiting to receive her call. She is so cool and cracks me up. We contacted all day long and it was a good thing she had my back because I still mix up my 6´s and 7´s when I am writing down people's phone numbers in Spanish. Haha you would think I would have that down by now but they just throw the numbers out so fast. 
While we were out contacting we found this student, Juan, who had about 40 billion questions about the Mormons and the Libro de Mormon. Oh gosh. He is so confused about which religion is true, but he firmly believes that there is only one true church on the earth which is surprising because most people here just think that all paths lead to God and it doesn't really matter which. It was a super overwhelming lesson because he would not leave us to teach at all, he just asked question after question practically interrogating us which definitely tested our patience, but he really does have potential. He just needs to let us teach him! But there is definitely something the Lord wants me to learn right now and that is patience, and something that I know I lack. Haha I am sure you guys know that, too. but I am working on it and getting better. Paciencia! 
Love you guys a ton!
Ether 4:11-12
Love always,
Hermana Chalms 

                               More Lago Colico of last week with Hermana Leyva de Peru.
        Last week Adrianna painted our nails and it looks like I am taking an engagement photo with her.
          We went bowling as a zone today. I thought I escaped bowling when I left the states! Haha guess not.

Happy 2014! We spent ours with a family in the ward eating meat and potatoes and talking about all the cool places to visit in Chile. That was only Tuesday but I feel like it was forever ago. Time is such an interesting thing. Especially on the mission. Anyways, this Wednesday for our P Day our zone went to Lago Colico. So cool! We took a micro that fit probably 25 and stuck our zone of about 32 in there for an hour and a half drive to the lake. It was a crack up. Missionaries all over the place! I will send some pics, but it was so great to be outside enjoying nature. I am grateful for how beautiful Chile is and that I get to live here and enjoy it. 
Thursday was a pretty interesting day. We had all these great plans lined up and almost every single one of them fell through almost all at once. We were just standing there in the street laughing because it was so ironic. Anyways, we had this cita planned and were going to take our relief society president with us but she ended up not being able to, but on our way to the cita with the investigators we ran into a recent convert, Jocelyn. She is sweet and wanted to accompany us to our cita which worked out. The lesson was with this mom, Marta and her 13 yr old daughter Alanis (she named her after Alanis Morisette. Ha!) We taught the restoration and the spirit was so strong. The mom kept telling us that she felt so peaceful during the lesson and wanted to read the Book of Mormon now so she could keep feeling tranquilo. It was so awesome. So the lesson ends and we were trying to get Marta to pray and she was a little shy and nervous about it, but usually it takes us a minute to help them get up the courage to pray so we were there in the living room all kneeling trying to get Marta to pray and then Jocelyn suddenly yells, "Ah yo lo hago!" and then just started praying for her mom, dad, boyfriend, her stomach and all these things and then just ended in "amen!" Haha it was so cute.
Also, that same day later on we had plans to help a menos activo with her backyard clean up and we showed up to her house in pants all ready to go and she wasn't home and we didn't have anywhere to change and were super far away from our house so the whole rest of the night I was in my skirt and jeans. swag! But it ended up working out great because we contacted some people that were really excited about the gospel. 
It was a pretty funny day, but all in all we learned that the Lord has his way of working things out. Sometimes plans need to fall through to make way for other things to take place and you just have to keep rolling with it. The longer I am here the more I love it. I always knew missionary work was important, but I don't think I ever really felt it like I do now. The gospel and this work makes me so happy and even though there are moments where I am so tired and we walk all day long in the heat without having any lessons I am still so grateful that I made the decision to serve a mission. Who would have thought a year ago I would be in Chile?!  
Cambios. All the leaders keep hinting it. I know change is necessary but I am a tiny bit sad about it because Hna Hawkins and I have become really great friends and have a lot of fun together. She is the best and also her birthday is tomorrow. We are going to make ourselves a nice gringo breakfast to celebrate. None of that bread and cheese nonsense. Also I have had the shelter of being in my training all this time so I am a little bit nervous for the unknown of what lies ahead for me, but I know with the Lord's help I will be alright.
I love you all a ton! 
Love always,
Hermana Chalmers
3 Nefi 9:20
                                                                           Lago Colico

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