Happy 4th of July

                                                                                                                                  July 7, 2014

Happy Summer over there in the United States. Chile is FREEZING!! It was the weirdest 4th of July of my life. We made s'mores and natural juice to celebrate America. My companion is American (from Idaho) but the two other hermanas that live with us are from Argentina. We made them celebrate with us anyway.

This week has been great. It definitely had its ups and downs though. Since it is winter over here all of the missionaries have been getting sick. Such a pain! We had a day that we weren't even able to go out to work because we both had really bad colds and fever but now all is well again. We finally met our mission president and his wife! They are awesome! Turns out Pres. Bluth didn't serve a mission before so it is all pretty new to him but he is awesome, definitely a change from Presidente Martinez. I would say Pres Bluth is more on the spiritual calmer side and Pres Martinez was more intense con FUEGO. I asked Presidente Bluth about the dentist in St George and he said it is his cousin or something like that! Small world.

Today in my studies I was reading in the Book of Mormon and I read something that made me think of you guys with me and Cam on missions. It is in Alma 19:23 - it is talking about how Ammon was protected by the Lord when people tried to kill him as he was serving his mission among the Lamanites because the Lord had made a promise to his Dad Mosiah that he would protect them because Mosiah had the faith to entrust his sons in the Lord's hands. It makes me think of you guys and how even though it is hard that we are all apart, Heavenly Father is taking care of Cam and I because He understands the faith it took for you guys to send us off. I thought that was pretty awesome.
Also, tonight we have a family home evening with a recent convert, Jannette, and her daughter and husband who aren't members. We are going to talk to them about eternal families and give them a Proclamation to the World and share experienecs of things we have learned about the gospel from our parents and our families. I was filled with such gratitude as I thought of all the things I learned from you guys: the importance of family unity, of going to church, of prayer, of gratitude, of the worth of souls, of patience, of optimism, of service, ETC ETC ETC. I LOVE YOU GUYS! Thank you for making it so easy for me to be a member of the church and helping me to learn and grow every day. Those things have helped me in the mission and strengthened my testimony as I testify of eternal families and the plan of salvation (my favorite thing to teach!)
Love always,
su hija, Megs
Hermana Rosdahl and me

In our backyard celebrating the 4th of July

One of too many Chileno dogs

Our awesome ghetto house

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  1. Megan, we so love your letters. I hear your voice in them. Grandpa and I see his sister Melinda in your photos. You definitely have those Scotish genes. We are so proud of you and love you! Aloha!