Moving to a new house

                                                                                                                                             July 21, 2014
HEY. It has been a pretty crazy week. We ended up moving out of the rat house on Monday because one of the hermanos in the stake came to look at it and told us we couldn't sleep there because it was unsanitary and dangerous... Haha. So we are currently staying with the hermanas in the area next to ours for the time being. There are six of us Hermanas in a house that before only had two so it has been pretty wild. We live a little far from our area so we either have to walk far or take a taxi that is a little expensive, but other than that all is well. We are just on the lookout for a house to rent that is in our area right now. 
Also, because we are so far from our area we got permission to borrow the Elders bikes for a couple days. I got to ride a bike!! Haha but it only lasted for about 15 minutes. The first night we got them Hermana Troncoso and I started riding them home and when we were about halfway through downtown one of the pedals on my bike flew right off right in the middle of the street. Haha we had to call an hermana from the ward that owns a truck to come help us out. Later on in the week the other bike got a flat tire and then the next day the assistants called us and said that the hermanas can't use bikes so that party ended real quick.
Suyay came to church yesterday but we were really confused because a member went by to pick her up and her mom said that she had already left but she wasn't at church. In our ward we share the chapel with the ward, Los Confines, and they have sacrament first while we have relief society and principles of the gospel first. Suyay walked into Gospel Principles class when it was almost over and we all asked her what had happened. Turned out she had walked into Los Confines sacrament meeting. Haha she had even gotten there like 10 minutes early. 
This week has been pretty tiring with moving and all the traveling and such, but I have been learning to be grateful and have patience especially when it is hard for me. I know that the Lord is trying to teach me a lot of things right now. Especially how to follow the promptings I receive from the Spirit. Something I think I never really understood before the mission but am learning a lot about now. It has blessed me a lot and I have really gained a testimony of the fact that when we act on the revelacion and inspiration from God, we recieve more and continue learning. Yesterday on our way home to our temporary house, we were walking and had almost gotten to the house. We weren't in our sector anymore and we passed a house that I felt like we needed knock, but I didn't want to because it was time to go home and we weren't even in our sector, but we did it and we found this really cool couple. They let us in right away. The guy, Marco, has a brother that is a bishop in another city in Chile, Los Angeles, and we were able to share with them for a bit and then when we got home we passed the reference to the Hermanas in that sector that we are now living with. I am grateful that God is giving me chances to learn and to strengthen my faith because I know that a lot of times I doubt or worry with all these "what ifs" but when our faith and confidence in God's plans overcomes that we see miracles and we do things that we wouldn't be able to do on our own. 
I love you guys! TAKE LUCK
Hna Chalms

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