July 28, 2014
Hey guys, sounds like a fun and exciting week with the Greens. It is so weird to hear about the cabin because I don't really know what it is like up there. 
This week has gone by so fast. I can't believe it is already Monday. Time goes faster and faster with each week and it freaks me out a little bit! 
This past Saturday Suyay had her baptismal interview and she passed! Also this past week we have being working with our ward mission leader to get this ward more involved and excited about missionary work. Our Ward mission leader, Cristofer, served his mission in Lima Peru about a year ago and helps a lot. It amazes me how much better missionary work is when it is done correctly, with the members. Things go so much smoother and it is a lot more fun as well. The other day we had a family home evening with a recent convert and an hermana in the ward on food storage and all that stuff and I felt bad because our mission has a rule that everyone needs to have an emergency backpack ready at all times in case of a tsunami or earthquake and I definitely don't have one but today my companion and I have been going around collecting stuff for ours, especially since that tsunami scare a couple months ago in Arauco. 
Yesterday we found an inactive members while looking for someone else. His name is Hugo and he said he is one of the pioneer members from Angol and used to be the branch presidente when Angol was a branch. He had all kinds of deep doctrine knowledge. He told us about the signs of the coming of Christ, the 3 different kinds of ministering angels and what happens in a celestial appearance all in like 20 minutes, but it was pretty sad because he doesn't come to church anymore because people made fun of him and got freaked out when he would teach at church about things like that and he got offended and stopped going. He told us that he sees members that got baptized at the same time as him but don't know anything about the wild deep doctrine that he knows and says they haven't progressed at all and aren't receiving revelation but the sad part is that he himself is the one that isn't going to church and they are. We had to be pretty hard with him because you could see that he was judging all of the people that hurt him and forgetting to worry about himself and what he needs to do to progess and repent. It's interesting. Afterwards I was thinking about how in the scriptures it says over and over to preach faith and repentance, the doctrine of Christ. With reason. Those are simple things that we can study forever and it is what we need and what helps us to strengthen our testimonies and progress more than anything else.
Pray for Suyay (SOOO-YAI) this week!
I love you guys! Thanks for the emails and keeping me updated on your lives.
Hermana Chalms 
A sleeping rat on the roof of our old house.
Hna Rosdahl threw a rock at it and it ran right inside the ceiling of our house.


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